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27th Jun 2023

Love Island fans are deeming last night’s episode as the most awkward in history

Peeking through my hands watching this…

Love Island fans have had their say, and they’re deeming last night’s episode one of the most awkward in the show’s history.

Well, more like one specific moment in last night’s episode that is.

On Monday night, Zachariah told Mitchel that he was hoping to land a kiss with Kady on the terrace after the two coupled up on Friday, leaving Molly single and eventually dumped from the villa.

Forgetting very quickly about his connection with Molly, Zach took Kady to the terrace and decided this was his moment to make a move.

And this is when it got spine-chillingly awkward, Kady pulled away from Zach as he leaned in for the kiss before saying: “Woah woah woah, what?”

Zach said: “I want to kiss you,” and Kady asked: “You want a kiss? Let’s wait.”

Zach then asked why and Kady explained: “I feel like I’ve only been in, like, three days. And for me, like, I know it’s not a big deal but like, to kiss someone… I want to be, like, 100%.”

Following the incredibly awkward moment, fans took to Twitter to share their thoughts on what they had witnessed.

One person said: “I’d collapse liveo and not show face in the Villa again.”

Another added: “Pleaseeeeee the way she rejected him?? I SCREAMED and I’m currently still screaming. Kady did so good, Zach needed some humbling. I hope Molly isn’t waiting for him outside cause.”

A third wrote: “My hand was over my mouth that entire scene.”

While a fourth penned: “kady is a perfect addition to the villa, she’s only been here 3 days and served two of the most funniest moments.”