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28th Feb 2023

Love Island fans are claiming Claudia is “overreacting” about Casey

Team Claudia or Team Casey?

Love Island fans have been left with a lot of opinions following Monday night’s episode as Casey and Claudia officially called it quits on their romance.

With only two weeks left of the series, the seemingly strong couple had their relationship completely thrown up into the air as new bombshell Rosie entered the villa.

As Casey became close with Rosie, and eventually recoupling with her, Claudia was left in tears over the incident and last night’s episode confirmed Casey’s head had fully turned.

Following on from a game of Snog, Marry, Pie, Casey told Claudia that he was going to pursue Rosie instead, ultimately leaving her heartbroken.

Casey came to find Claudia and said: “Sorry if you felt pushed aside but, for me, there’s more of a connection there with Rosie.”

Casey continued: “I’m really really sorry and that’s the thing I feel worst about,” and Claudia replied: “It’s just so hard for me because I genuinely really liked you.

Now I’m just going to have to deal with it. Watching the guy I like, like someone else. It’s hard. You obviously didn’t feel that way about me before.”

Standing up and leaving, she added: ”Not much more to say from me, it’s fine. Let’s just leave it. I wish you the best. That’s it.”

Many fans took to Twitter claiming Claudia was overreacting about the whole thing as the two hadn’t been together that long, in the grand scheme of things.

One person wrote: “Claudia acting like he proposed and broke it off the day before the wedding.”

Another said: “No one else in the villa has made THIS big of a deal, when their partner is getting to know someone else, when it’s been this early on, Claudia needs to get a grip!”

While some were team Casey, a lot of people could resonate with Claudia’s feelings even if the relationship was short lived.

One said: “Absolutely love how the girls have got her back! Team Claudia all the way.”

Another said: “Unpopular opinion it seems but, I completely get where Claudia is coming from.. we see 1 hour of their 24 hours. And Casey could have been honest to her and told her yesterday that he was leaning towards Rosie. Because he knew. So I’m team Claudia on this one.”

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