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28th Jul 2018

Love Island fans are saying the same thing about this season’s parents episode

Keeley Ryan

Many fans are feeling let down.

Love Island’s Meet the Parents episode is one that fans have really, really been looking forward to this year.

Most because they were hoping to see EastEnders actor Danny Dyer head into the famous villa to reunite with his daughter, Dani.

But over the last few weeks, there’s been so much speculation as to if he would actually appear on the show.

First, he was going into the villa. Then he wasn’t. Then he was, again. Then he wasn’t…again.

At the end of Friday’s episode, it was confirmed that the Meet the Parents episode is coming – and Danny Dyer will appear.

Just not in a way that fans are happy about.

The trailer for Sunday’s episode saw the Islanders get told that they were in for the “ultimate relationship test”, with the hashtags hinting at some long overdue family time.

And as the mums and dads all entered the villa, the clip ended with a bit of a twist for Dani and Jack: Danny and his wife, Joanne Mas, will appear via video link rather than in person.

“Where is he, where is he? I’m going to kill him,” the actor joked on screen.

And fans were absolutely raging that Danny wouldn’t actually be going into the villa.


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