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07th Jul 2023

Love Island bombshell “threatened to storm out of villa” after recoupling

We need to see this asap.

One Love Island bombshell reportedly threatened to “storm out of the villa in unaired scenes following the Casa Amor recoupling.

After getting to know Montel McKenzie during Casa Amor, Tink Reading was left “fuming” after he decided to stick with Leah Taylor instead.

Sources have now revealed to The Sun that the bombshell had to be stopped from storming off while filming was still going on but the scene was never aired.

The source said: “Tink was absolutely fuming about Montel’s decision and how he basically brushed her off.

“She had to be stopped from storming off out of the villa – she was telling the other girls he’d used her and was now acting like she didn’t matter.”

After being dumped from the villa, Tink told ITV that she was blindsided by Montel’s decision, saying: “Yes, I think my reaction shows it all. I was flabbergasted because of the time I spent with him and the things he had said to me.

“Montel told me that in the two days that we had together he knew we had a lot more in common than him and Leah. We had similar interests with our friends and family life being the same – he gave me no inclination that he would sway back towards Leah.

“He was very open and instigated a lot, asking me to stay in his bed and pulling me to the terrace.”

The revelation comes after host Maya Jama teased that viewers didn’t see all the drama that happened during the recoupling.