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22nd Nov 2018

Looks like an iconic Emmerdale couple might be splitting up and ah, no

Jade Hayden


Sorry, don’t believe it.

When it comes to iconic Emmerdale couples, there are a few that spring to mind.

There was Lisa and Zac, Cain and Moira and, of course, Paddy and Chas.

The pair haven’t been together for their while lives, but they’ve been through a lot together – most recently the loss of their baby girl, Grace, who died of a rare foetal abnormality she developed in the womb.

Things haven’t been absolutely swell for Chas and Paddy since the death of their daughter, which is hardly surprising.

However, now it looks as if the pair might be splitting up for good – unless they can learn to accept their pain and move through it together.

During tonight’s first episode, Paddy decided to organise a surprise dinner for Chas with Marlon serving up some food and wine and stuff.

Chas wasn’t all that impressed though and instead asked Paddy why he thinks a meal will solve everything.

The pair had a heated argument before Chas told Paddy to get out so she could be alone.

Fans of the soap were left absolutely #devo wondering what was going to happen with the couple seeing as their relationship has only gotten sufficiently rockier over the past few weeks.

Many even suggested that their loss of their daughter was probably going to lead to them, unfortunately, splitting up.

Only time will tell, we guess.

The Dale will be back for a second instalment tonight at 8.30pm.