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20th Nov 2016

Lindsay Lohan disses Ariana Grande’s makeup and people are ripping

Real life Mean Girls?!


People are pretty annoyed with Lindsay Lohan after the actress reportedly left a comment on one of Ariana Grande’s Instagram photos, criticising her appearance.

According to numerous reports, a comment from Lindsay’s official account, lindsaylohan, was left on Ariana’s photo reading “too much makeup”.

The image in question shows the Into You singer, in full Hairspray regalia ahead of her debut on the NBC show next month, posing alongside her co-star Dove Cameron.

A photo posted by Ariana Grande (@arianagrande) on

Instagram account, The Art Of Shade, also shows screenshots of two others posts where it seems Lindsay’s account snubbed the singer’s makeup.


Unsurprisingly, Ariana’s legion of fans are annoyed by the comments and wrote under the post, making their feelings knows.

One person said:

“u are perfect just the way do not listen 2 Lindsay Lohan because u are very beautiful keep slaying and even when u stop u will still be my #1 singer”.

Another wrote:

“@lindsaylohan stop hating someone by the way they look, it’s so childish. why are you still into shading people by the way they appear”.