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29th Sep 2017

‘More like Dancing With The Staff’… Louis Walsh on Irish reality TV

Burn, Louis, burn...

Oooh, harsh?

Louis Walsh has spoken out about Irish reality TV… and he’s not too complimentary about it.

The music mogul believes that there’s plenty of room for new shows, since Irish Dancing With The Stars didn’t reign in any big-time names.

Dancing With The Stars? There were no stars. It was more like Dancing With The Staff,” he said.

“I thought it was a good show, but there’s room for two big shows. Ireland’s Got Talent is a short enough run, I think.”

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And now, as Ireland’s Got Talent begins auditions in November, Louis thinks that there will be plenty of talent to be seen around the country.

“We have more lunatics per square mile than anywhere else in the whole world,” he told the Herald.

“We’re looking for dancing dogs and singing nuns and choirs and comedians – everything. I just want to be shocked, I want to be shocked every day.”

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He continued: “I want it to be a big show. We’ve never had a show like this here.

“The All-Ireland Talent Show was good, but I think this is going to be better.

“I’ve been trying to get it done for years. Because Simon Cowell owns the format, I knew we could get it.”

Oh Louis, you crack us up.