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14th Nov 2016

Kim Cattrall pretty much just confirmed a Sex and the City spin-off series

Like most iconic 90s TV series, rumours of a revamp or spin-off for Sex and the City rarely cease.

However, unlike Friends, Sex and The City had its time on the silver screen. And while the first movie was widely praised and genuinely enjoyable, the second was criticised for being ‘borderline racist.’

Still, fans of the show never relent and the rumour mill is once again churning and suggesting that Kim Cattrall is set to revive her role as the sexually liberated Samantha in her own spin off.

More excitingly, when US daytime TV host Wendy Williams pleaded for the spinoff to happen, Kim Cattrall got in touch on Twitter saying she couldn’t wait to “get back to the serious business of making you all laugh.”

That sounds pretty promising right?

According to Stylist, Kim isn’t the only city gal who is open to a reunion.

Speaking at a press conference, Sarah Jessica Parker said she would love to reprise her most famous role.

“I don’t think any of us have said no,” she said. “I don’t know whether it’s a series or the movie.”

“I think that remains an open question and discussion that will continue until it’s been resolved,” continued the actress.

“I think that’s always a possibility, definitely.”