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17th Apr 2017

The Keepers looks set to be our next Netflix obsession

Can you be addicted to something before you’ve even seen a trailer?

That’s our current mindset over Netflix’s latest 7 part true crime docuseries.

The Keepers centers on the unsolved disappearance of  26-year-old nun and teacher Sister Cathy Cesnik.  The Baltimore nun disappeared without a trace in 1969.

According to the Baltimore Sun a priest who was on staff at the school at the time of her disappearance has been considered a suspect by police.

Almost 5 decades on, the unsolved mystery remains a topic of conversation amongst the locals in and around the community where Sister Cathy once lived.

In 2015 the world was gripped by the 10 part docuseries ‘Making a Murderer‘… We became divided into individuals who had seen it and those who were in the middle of seeing it.

We’ve got a feeling this new show has the same potential.

A full trailer will be released on Wednesday, and the series will premiere on May 19th.

Credit Netflix