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22nd Nov 2016

Jennifer Aniston dropped a Friends bombshell and broke fan’s hearts

Say it isn't so.

Say it isn’t so.

Jennifer Aniston was on The One Show yesterday evening and along with casually mentioning sex toys in front of a crowd of children she also broke Friends fan’s hearts with a huge bombshell.

When she was asked about Friends she admitted that none of the cast liked the theme tune.

Bearing in mind that the song was supposed to just be the theme tune at first but because of it’s popularity the band, The Rembrandts, re-record a full length version which hit the number one spot in the States.

While we all loved it at the time, and even still it’s weirdly comforting to hear the tune being played on TV, Jennifer has just revealed that none of the cast liked it.

She said:

“No-one was really a fan of that theme song. We felt it was a little odd, dancing on a fountain, but we did it.”

She did say that she watches it just as much as the rest of us though:

“I can’t help it. First I try and remember which episode it is, I even say ‘I don’t remember that’ at first, and you just get sucked into the nostalgia of it.”

Naturally people were heartbroken by what she said.