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17th Jul 2018

Jack and his ex Ellie had a MASSIVE row on Love Island that was never aired

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Say what?

Jack and Dani are like Mom and Dad of the villa. They seem to always say that right things, and even when they fight they come to a resolution pretty quickly.

The first major outburst that we saw from Dani was last night when Georgia was acting up and she told her to “shove is up your a**e” but apart from that Jack and Dani have been fairly lowkey.

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When Jack’s ex Ellie entered the villa two weeks ago, we all thought it was going to kick off, but things didn’t get as heated as we first thought, and she was booted from the Love Island soon after.

However, now Ellie has revealed that she had a massive row with Jack that never got aired (so we’re understandably like wtf?).

She told The Sun: “He swore at me and called me fucking dickhead,” Ellie said. “He was angry about the situation and that it is not normal for an ex and your current girlfriend to go out on a date and speak about you. He then apologised and we were fine the next day.”

You’d surely think an outburst like that would deserve air time… no?