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05th Feb 2018

The trailer for Netflix’s new romance is here and it’s a tear-jerker

Keeley Ryan

For the month that’s in it.

After a January that felt like it spanned 920845903 days, February is finally here – and love is in the air. 

We mean, of course, that Valentine’s Day is just around the corner – so it more like love is just really…a lot more in-your-face than usual.

With the loved-up day fast approaching, there’s a number of romantic movies hitting both the big and small screen.

But none of them – and we mean none of them – looks as equal parts heart-warming and heart-breaking as Netflix’s Irreplaceable You. 

The movie follows Abbie (Gugu Mbatha-Raw) and Sam (Michiel Huisman) – best friends since childhood, who are now loved-up and engaged.

The couple’s peaceful New York life ends up coming to a screeching halt when Abbie is diagnosed with late-stage cancer.

She ends up joining a support group, where she ends up meeting and befriending an eclectic gang – including Myron (Christopher Walken), Kate (Kate McKinnon) and Mitch (Steve Coogan)

Abbie is so head-over-heels for Sam that she ends up attempting to plan his future – and even potential new girlfriends to look after him when she passes away.

But it doesn’t end up being as easy as she thought it would be.

She tearfully confesses to him:

“I thought if I planned your whole future, it wouldn’t hurt so much to be a part of it.”

Irreplaceable You will arrive on the streaming service on February 16.