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29th Sep 2018

Irish X Factor hopeful Brendan Murray on the ‘cut throat’ Six Chair Challenge

Keeley Ryan

It all kicks off tonight.

Galway X Factor hopeful Brendan Murray has opened up about the “cut throat” process of the Six Chair Challenge.

One of the more brutal stages of the competition, it sees the X Factor hopefuls singing individually in front of the judges – as well as a live audience – at Wembley Arena.

Each group has just six chairs, and the judges have to decide which singer deserves a seat – although that can change throughout the round.

And now Brendan, who represented Ireland at the Eurovision in 2017, has spoken about the process – admitting that it’s “very stressful” and “as cut-throat as you see on telly.”

He told

“It’s the wait that’s the killer – you’re constantly waiting to see what happens and it’s the worst thing about it.

“When I watched in on telly before and somebody would take someone’s seat I’d be like, ‘oh, he lost his seat’ but when you’re in that situation you have a different mindset.

“It’s as cut-throat as you see on telly. It can be taken away so quickly.

“They can build you up and then just chop you down. It’s very stressful.”

The Six Chair Challenge kicks off tonight and will continue into tomorrow’s episode.

  • The X Factor continues tonight on Virgin Media One and ITV at 8.35pm.