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10th May 2016

Irish Gogglebox is given the green light and set to be looking for new stars

Could you be the next Dom and Steph?

Gogglebox is one of the funniest shows on TV at the moment.

The concept is so simple – a camera filming ordinary people watching ordinary TV.

However the results and participants of the hit Channel 4 show have been a lot funnier and endearing than perhaps the show’s producers could have anticipated.

Image via YouTube

According to the Independent, TV3 have been seeking to produce an Irish version of the reality show since May 2014, but it is only now that the show has gotten the go ahead.

Following the success of First Dates Ireland on RTÉTV3 is hoping to add its own unique twist to a popular format.

The station are set to cast characters for the new TV3 show and hopes to create new versions of characters we already know and love such as June and Leon, Jenny and Lee and the Siddiqui family.

The Irish version of Gogglebox is due to arrive on our screens this Autumn and I can’t wait!

Lead image via YouTube