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30th Apr 2018

Instagram’s new feature will absolutely, 100 percent make you cringe

Olivia Hayes

Handy, but cringey.

Instagram is one of our fave social networking sites. It’s basically just pictures that keep you up to date with your mates, celebs and anyone else you fancy keeping up with.

However, it’s always been impossible to download your own photos and data. Not so great if you know… want to keep your photos in any place other than Instagram.

Well, thanks to GDPR (yes, we have all received multiple emails about new privacy policies), it will now be easier for users to track and store all their data.

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The new feature will be available to download on iPhone and Android in future app updates – which have to be in place by May 25 under the new European laws.

You will have to make the request for it however, and then Instagram will send you an email link. This link will allow you to download everything, but it will take up to 48 hours to do so.

As well as all your photos though, you will be sent all of your stories, likes, searches, DMs, your username, followers and all the people you follow, which you know… could be a bit awkward looking back at what your 18-year-old self was up to (and who your 18-year-old self searched for).

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After that, what you do with the info is all up to you (you might just want to delete all your cringey searches, though).