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11th Nov 2016

Iggy Azaela has been accused of animal cruelty because of her latest photo

She's in trouble.

She is in trouble.

Iggy Azaela is facing a backlash online after posting an image of herself with an elephant. According to Digital Spy, Iggy arranged for the elephant as a surprise for her boyfriend, French Montana.

It wasn’t as a new pet or anything but as a visitor on his birthday. The elephant was wearing a huge diamonte head piece which has particularly annoyed people and the fact it was brought in for entertainment has been the main reason for the backlash.

She posted a picture alongside the elephant and has recieved loads of negative comments.

One person said, “Can’t even imagine the cruelty and abuse that beautiful elephant suffered just so it could amuse some rich people.”

Another added, “If you loved animals u wouldn’t exploit them for your own entertainment… This elephant had probably been tortured into performing stupid tricks for your rich ass.”

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