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03rd Jul 2013

“I Want The Truth” Nine Of The Finest Tom Cruise Films

And there are many more...

We often forget with all the press and publicity surrounding Tom Cruise that he has actually made quite a few excellent films. Here are nine of his finest, and essential, films.

1. Minority Report

Arguably one of the most underrated of all the Cruise films, Minority Report is not only one of his finest films, but also one of Spielberg’s.

2. The Firm

Based on the Grisham novel, Cruise plays a young lawyer caught up in the wrong law firm. Thrilling.

3. Jerry Maguire

Cuba Gooding Jr. picked up the Oscar for this piece, but Cruise’s performance was one of his finest.

4. Mission: Impossible 1, 2 and 4.

Based on the hugely popular series, Mission Impossible will always be remembered for that scene where Cruise abseils from the ceiling. Three was awful, but 4 really got back into the swing of things.

5. A Few Good Men

“I want the truth.”

6. Interview with the Vampire

One of the roles where Tom really had to show his acting chops, it was also difficult being out-hansomed by Brad Pitt, but somehow he pulled it all off.

7. Top Gun

Take my breath away!

8. Rain Man

Again, outshone by his fellow actor, in this case Dustin Hoffman, but Cruise’s was a strong performance.

9. Born on the Fourth of July

Nominated for an Oscar that he should have won, Born is the harrowing true story of a Vietnam veteran who must deal with his new life after his legs are amputated during the war.