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10th Sep 2013

“I Think I Have Been Lucky” Seven Of Our Favourite Colin Firth Moments

We love this man...

He first really came to our attention as the wonderful Mr. D’Arcy and Colin Firth has really not left the public eye since.

From that wonderful appearance in Bridget Jones’s Diary to that Oscar winning turn in The King’s Speech, Firth is one of the finest, sweetest and most modest men working in Hollywood at the moment. Here are seven of our favourite moments. Happy Birthday Colin!

1. That Oscar Speech

Just proving that modesty and humility are qualities that some do have in Hollywood, not many, but some.

2. That role that won him the Oscar

Wonderfully touching, Firth really hit the nail on the head with this performance.

3. Colin meets Colin.

Ellen presented Colin with his waxwork with these hilarious results.

4. This Amazing Fight Scene.

More funny than fighting.

5. Mr. D’Arcy’s Marriage Proposal

Just… swoon.

6. Love Actually. Another Proposal.

Brilliant at proposals. Another swoon moment.

7. And for this…

Has a sense of humour too! Genius.

Colin Firth, you legend.