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20th Dec 2017

A HUGE character is said to be returning to EastEnders in the new year



If you thought you’d seen the last of Kat Slater, then you better think again. Apparently, she is returning to Albert Square in a dramatic storyline in the new year.

While she left the show in 2016, to go to Spain with husband Alfie Moon, the last time we saw Kat was on a different show, Redwater, when she was drowning. The pair left the show to work on spin-off show Redwater. However, the show wasn’t as successful as they had hoped and a second series is no longer on the table.

This leaves Kat and Alfie free to re-join EastEnders and reprise their roles.

According to The Mirror, the boss over the show John Yorke, who originally brought them onto the show in 2000, feels that the time is right for them to make another appearance. He also believes that with the right storyline it will lure more viewers back to the show.

A source said:

“Kat Slater was a huge and popular character in EastEnders and John was in charge when the Slaters first came into the soap.

Her marriage to Alfie Moon was one of the biggest relationships in the soap.

Now John is back in charge again he has managed to persuade Jessie to come back to with a host of new storylines. He knows millions will be excited to see what he has in store for the character.”