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24th Feb 2019

Holly Willoughby channels old school glamour in stunning black dress ahead of tonight’s DOI

Ah, g’wan.

Sometimes, Holly Willoughby looks great.

Other times, Holly Willoughby looks not-so-great.

And then there are times when Holly Willoughby looks so ridiculously class that you need to take a moment, sit down, and reconsider what you have just witnessed.

This is one of those times – because she looks pretty class in fairness to her, and we are very much n’able for the sheer glamour.

Here she is now.

Holly, as she always does, shared a photo of her outfit ahead of tonight’s Dancing On Ice. 

The presenter generally pulls it out of the bag when it comes gowns (and in all honesty, there’s only so wrong you can go), but tonight she looks especially unreal so she deserves the credit, to be honest.

Or her stylist does.


The ankle-length black dress with the slit up one side and detailed straps is probably one of the nicest things the presenter has ever graced the country’s presence in.

It’s also got a definite sex appeal that Holly tends to shy away from after she was told that having boobs were allegedly ‘bad’ a few years back.

On the contrary, it is not bad – and neither is having legs either, as the above dress so proudly boasts.

Basically, she looks nice. We approve.

Well done, Holly.