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09th Jun 2014

HELLO OSCARS! Jennifer Lawrence And David O Russell Will Reunite For New Biopic

Well, this is going to be amazing.

Sue Murphy

It definitely seems to be becoming one of those dream pairings and both parties must be happy with the previous outcomes as Jennifer Lawrence and David O Russell have decided to join forces again for a film due for release later this year.

According to the Guardian, Lawrence has signed up for Russell’s latest biopic Joy, a film in which she stars as the creator of Miracle Mop.

This will be the third major collaboration for the pair with Lawrence previously having worked on both Silver Linings Playbook, for which she received an Oscar, and American Hustle, for which she received another Oscar nomination.

Joy Mangano, who the film is based on, is one of America’s most successful entrepreneurs. The mother of three created the Miracle Mop and eventually sold her company, Ingenious Design to the Home Shopping Network. She stayed on as the President and is one of the network’s many presenters.

This has Lawrence written all over it.