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14th Jan 2020

‘Got a text, not a man’ Love Island’s Shaughna is quickly becoming a fan fav

Jade Hayden

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The comedic relief we need and deserve.

We’re only a mere three (3!) episodes into Love Island, and a few of the islanders are already proving themselves head and shoulders above the rest.

They’re entertaining, they’re real, they’re coming out with some of the most iconic one liners we could only dream to have delivered to us during a generic midweek evening.

Basically, they’re entertaining. The bare minimum requirement of a reality TV contestant. And we thank them for it.

One of those people is Shaughna who, since entering the villa, has done nothing but look pissed off, explain that she’s pissed off, and been blatantly unable to hide how intensely pissed off she is.

All the while being an incredibly good sport and also pretty hilarious while she’s at it. A true trooper. We stan.

Some of the most iconic Shaughna action took place in tonight’s episode after she realised that Callum had been stolen from her by one of the twins (not entirely sure which one, leave it with us).

After Jess and Eve returned, the pair had a debrief with the rest of the girls in which Shaughna expressed her concerns about the recoupling scenario.

The chat went a bit like this:

“How are you guys feeling about it?” “Shit.”

Well, end of conversation then.

And although Shaughna does appear to be quite into Callum, he – rather unfortunately – seems to be fairly into whatever twin he’s been picked by.

A modern tragedy if there ever was one. But Shaughna’s an icon, a stunner, a woman who will not remain scorned for much longer.

Bring the popcorn, lads. It’s about to go off.

After all, she’d rather “find out on day two that he’s a wet wipe than on day 17.”


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