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20th Dec 2018

Go on my son: EastEnders fans delighted as Mick Carter finally gets revenge on Stuart

Jade Hayden

Get it.

It’s been a tough old time as of late for Mick Carter aka Danny Dyer.

The pub landlord spent the last few months in prison after being framed by the elusive and evil-enough Stuart Highway.

Mick wasn’t all to delighted with the situation, as you wouldn’t be if you were wrongfully sent to jail, in fairness.

After awhile though, he got out and in true Mick fashion, went to get his revenge on all of those who had wronged him.

Namely Stuart, to be honest.

The pair came face-to-face during tonight’s episode of the soap, and Mick got his revenge plan underway, knocking Stuart to the ground in the Arches, tying him up, and shoving him in the boot of his car.

He then delivered the single most painful line on television this year: “Let’s go on a little sleigh ride.”


Fans were understandably delighted by the shocking scenes, momentarily parking their aversion to violence to bask in the delight of Mick’s actions.

Get hyped, boys. It’s all kicking off.