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01st Sep 2016

Glenn Coco is all grown up and quite the looker

You go Glenn Coco!

Laura Holland

You go Glenn Coco.

Mean Girls the movie is best known for its classic one-liners. Ones like, “She doesn’t even go here”, “That’s why her hair is so big: It’s full of secrets”, or “You smell like a baby prostitute.”

But the best of all has to be “You go Glenn Coco”. Glenn Coco was one of the classmates who received the most amount of Christmas candy canes which resulted in the praise he got.


After the movie, “You go Glenn Coco” became a popular catchphrase in everyday life and that one sentence also spawned hundreds of memes.

While we didn’t even get to see his face properly in the movie he still became one of the more notable characters. He didn’t get credited in the movie but his name will still be known by any Mean Girls fan.

And these days he’s turned out to be quite the looker. His name is David Reale and he’s still acting, most recently in the popular TV show Suits.

Turns out he wasn’t even supposed to have the role at all. He auditioned for a different role but didn’t get it and then was on set one day having a look around and was called in to be in the scene.

He explained to Dazed:

“I actually auditioned for a different part in the movie. I didn’t get it. I wasn’t ‘officially’ cast in the film at all – my first day was my only day.

“What happened was, they ended up filming a lot of the school stuff right across the park from my apartment in Toronto. One day I sort of wandered onto set to see if I could watch some scenes being shot and maybe get some free food. I was a 19-year-old actor with no money so eating was a daily mission.”

He continued:

“At one point the director recognised me from my audition and, as a consolation prize, said something like “Hey, I’m going to put you right in the front on this next scene and you’ll have a name and everything.

“So that’s how it happened. But I was never “officially” hired. I never signed anything and so I was never paid. But the free lunch was great.”