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31st Oct 2018

GBBO viewers FURIOUS over this year’s winner and reignite ‘fix’ claims

Obviously, this contains spoilers from the final of GBBO.

Final warning to look away before we reveal the winner of this year’s series – you’ve been warned.

Last night, we sat down to see out the latest season of The Great British Bake Off and for us, the right person won.

Yes, Rahul was crowned the winner of this year’s show and now, another year of Bake Off is over.

After completing his landscape showstopper, Rahul’s name was announced and the Bake Off cake stand was presented.

Rahul’s loyal fans were quick to take to Twitter to share their congratulations, with many viewers beaming with the result.

However, it looks like those who were disappointed with the result needed some time to mull it all over before sharing their frustrations online – and they were plentiful.

The main complaint seemed to be that the entire series had been fixed to ensure Rahul’s victory and people were very, VERY angry about it.

Are you happy with this year’s winner of GBBO?