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17th May 2017

The full trailer for ‘The Emoji Movie’ is here and it’s everything we want (smiley face)

Niamh Maher

Sir Patrick Stewart plays a poop… need we say more.

A full trailer for the next big animated movie has landed. The Emoji Movie is set inside the world of one boy’s phone where the messaging app Textopolis is home to all the emojis.

Written and Directed by Tony Leondis, the movie sees T.J Miller voice Gene; the ‘meh’ emoji who was born with a filter allowing him to display any emotion… much to the dismay of his loving ‘meh’ family.

In the not so complex world of emojis, any different facial expressions are frowned upon (by the frown emoji… no one else) but as Gene was born different, he’s determined to find a way and embarks on an adventure to change his coding

James Corden also stars in the movie as  ‘Hi-5’ and Anna Faris plays ‘jailbreak’.

You can watch the full trailer below, and listen out for the poop.


Clip with thanks to Movieclips