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12th Jun 2013

Five Reasons We Love Summer in February’s Dan Stevens

Shall we compare thee to a summer's day?

We have all fallen head over heels for the blonde softy who will be starring in Summer in February which goes on release this Friday. Here our top 5 reasons why love him…

1. He plays the wonderful Gilbert

Summer in February tells the true story of a devastating love triangle between the famous artist AJ Munnings, his friend Gilbert Evans and their love interest, Florence Carter-Wood, a young beautiful artist. Gilbert is that guy, the nice one who puts everyone else first and always loses out.

2. We love the suits

This particular dashing number from the Summer in February premiere is actually amazing. Not afraid of a splash of colour, are we Dan?

3. Cousin Matthew

Dan plays cousin Matthew in the wonderful Downton Abbey, hopelessly in love with Mary and the true essence of an old-school gentleman, Dan played the role like no other ever could.

4. He has hosted Have I Got News For You?

And you will definitely need a sense of humour for that one!

5. He’s incredibly nice

We know this, we have interviewed him. Dan is just one of those really nice guys from the entertainment industry, and honestly, they are few and far between.

To see more from Summer in February, check out the official trailer here. Movie released on 14th June.