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10th Mar 2017

The first teaser for the new series of Game of Thrones has been released

Alan Loughnane

Hell yes!

We now have a release date for season 7 of Game of Thrones… and we’re just SO happy.

It will return to our screens on July 16th as we look forward to seeing winter well and truly arrive.

The previous season ended with Jon becoming the newly proclaimed King in The North after House Stark reclaimed Winterfell from the tyranny of Ramsay Bolton’s rule.


You may be wondering why the seventh season is so late coming back to our screens. Well, up until now, each season has taken place during an extended summer.

But as the last season ended, winter had just arrived. Hence filming was delayed last year until the weather got darker and more dreary for the purposes of the show.

Therefore, it missed its regular end of march/early April premiere of norm.

As we see in the teaser below, Winter has well and truly arrived in Westeros…