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20th Dec 2016

First Dates fans were over the moon when Sam finally professed his love for CiCi last night

The two waiters are the real stars of the show

Cassie Delaney

First Dates is possibly our favourite TV love fest.

And while it’s always endearing to see two strangers meet and awkwardly navigate small talk, the flirtatious exchanges between waiters Sam and CiCi are the real romance of the show.

Until last night, their grá for each other was unconfirmed. Sam, tall and dapper, was the object of affection for many patrons of the restaurant and earlier this year he even confirmed he had dated one.

CiCi was also spotted out and about with a mystery man but he single status was confirmed when co-worker Laura gifted her with a book on dating.

The surprises didn’t end there. Sam decided last night’s Christmas Special marked the perfect occasion to profess his love.

Channelling his inner Love Actually, Sam recreated that Keira Knightly scene and as CiCi realised the magnitude of Sam’s confession, the pair hugged.

Naturally, Twitter went crazy.

We’ve been *deep dive* stalking trying to figure out if the couple are in fact a couple but have yet to reach a conclusion.

One thing is absoliutely certain though – their babies would be gorgeous.

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