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01st Sep 2021

Everything we know about the Love Island reunion

Ellen Fitzpatrick

Christmas has come early.

It’s been over a week since the Love Island final and we all clearly miss tuning in to the show every night.

The drama kept us going for eight weeks, from Hugo’s speech for Chloe to Faye and Teddy’s mishap, yeah let’s call it that, it truly kept us on our toes.

But thankfully this isn’t the last we’ll get to see of them, as ITV are blessing us with an official Love Island reunion, what more could we ask for?

This coming Sunday, September 5th is a date you’re definitely going to want to mark in your calendars as all 37 contestants are expected to make their big return to our screens.

Laura Whitmore is hosting them all back in the studio and really dig deep into the villa antics.

And it’s definitely going to be a good one with Liberty and Jake coming face to face after their on screen break up, Liam and Tyler having to see Lillie and Clarrise once again (the awkwardness will simply be too much to bear) and we’ll really get a look into why Aaron and Mary split up so quickly.

After the couples were finally able to reunite this week after isolating, we got to watch it all unfold through their Instagram stories, but now we’ll get to hear of their romantic tales, and maybe find out if there have been any unexpected couplings.

If anything gets too tense, not to worry as the voiceover man himself Iain Stirling will be there alongside his wife to put everyone in good form.

The synopsis for the show has us even more excited, saying: “Laura Whitmore is joined in the studio by Iain Stirling and all 37 contestants from across the series to reflect on the most dramatic moments from the villa and answer all the big questions.

“Is love still on the cards, what happened when the cameras stopped rolling, and who’s been secretly hooking up?”

Love Island the reunion airs on Virgin Media One on Sunday at 9 pm.