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08th Jun 2018

Emmerdale viewers shocked as real identity of Gerry’s uncle Terry revealed

Viewers were fuming

Keeley Ryan

Uh oh.

Emmerdale viewers were left shocked last night after a surprise reveal about the identity of Gerry’s uncle, Terry.

Grief-stricken Terry had arrived in the town shortly after his nephew had tragically died – and he was threatening to sue Doug for his involvement in the roof collapse at the B&B.

Poor Doug was trying to do everything that he could to help Terry, including offering to cook his dinner and, in a later confession to Lachlan White, admitting he sold his car to raise more cash for him.

Believing that he was responsible for Gerry’s death, Doug wanted to try and make things right by helping out Terry financially – despite Diane’s advice not to.

After offering him a substantial amour of cash, Terry thanked Doug for helping him get back on his feet and gave him a massive hug.

But it turns out that Terry isn’t who he appeared to be. Namely, he isn’t Gerry’s uncle – in fact, he’s not related to Gerry at all.

As soon as Doug left the room, Terry shoved Gerry’s stuff onto the floor and picked up the phone.

He told the person on the other end:

“Looks like I’m finally on my way home.

“I’ve been here so long I’ve started to believe the kid actually was my nephew. Just sit tight until tomorrow and then it’s jackpot time.”

And  viewers were fuming after the surprise twist aired.