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16th Jun 2018

Emmerdale viewers fuming by how police ‘identified’ Amelia’s abductor

Jade Hayden

Are they for real?

Amelia has been missing in the Dale for quite some time now.

It’s been a stressful time for everyone involved – especially Daz, Amelia’s dad, due to the fact that he has been an unofficial prime suspect in her disappearance for the past while.

Emmerdale fans already have their own suspicions about who’s really involved – and we’ll get to that later – but it seems the police in the Dale have their own theories.

They’re just not based off anything substantial.

During last night’s episode of the soap, police can be seen watching a clip of Daz urging whoever took his daughter to let her go.

In the clip, Daz blinks as he says he misses Amelia and police take this is proof of his guilt.

Yeah. Because he blinked. On camera. While speaking.


Here’s how the scene went down:

Policeman watches footage. Points to Daz. Nods knowingly. Says: “He blinks just as he says he wants her safe. It’s a distancing technique to make himself feel better. All roads lead back to Daz and I reckon he can still lead us to Amelia.” 


All roads? You mean a blink like a normal human being? You mean acting in a regular manner? You mean ensuring his eyes don’t dry out and become irritated?

Ya, he’s deffo a kidnapper, good one guys.

People on Twitter thought the whole thing was just a bit of a joke, tbh.


And as it turns out too, all roads seem to point somewhere else entirely  – to Leanna Cavanagh, the daughter of the local GP Dr Liam Cavanagh.

Suspicions were first raised when, in an earlier episode, Leanna made a call about Amelia to the missing helpline.

She said:

“Hello? Yes, it’s about Amelia.

“Do I have any information? Well that depends whether or not there is a reward.”

How sly, Leanne. How sly.