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27th Apr 2018

Emmerdale killed a fan favourite off-screen last night and it was oh so very cruel

Jade Hayden

How very dare they.

Emmerdale is mad for the ol’ sneaky off-screen death, aren’t they?

Hardly a week passes now without somebody revealing that somebody else has died tragically abroad or away somewhere unbeknownst to basically everybody else in the village.

Well, maybe not every week but you get the idea.

It happens a lot.

The latest person it happened to was mum Ali Spencer.

She last appeared in the show back in 2015 and last night, apparently crashed her car and died. Just like that.

This wasn’t easy news to break in the village either… especially seeing as the main person that needed to be told the news was Ali’s daughter, Amelia.

Daz, of all people, had to break the news to her last night too.

It was all very emotional.

He said:

“I’m so sorry angel but we’ve had some bad news. It’s your mum. She’s had an accident.

“She was in a car and she was driving to work when she lost control and crashed into a wall.”

Amelia was, understandably, quite upset and began to cry. She then asked whether he mum would be alright.

Daz, unfortunately, said no.

Dan and Kerry then burst through the door having the absolute craic only to be told by Amelia that her mum had died.

“This can’t be true,” she said. “She wasn’t supposed to die. I love her.”


Ali, who was played by Kelli Hollis, was on the soap from 2011 to 2015.