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19th Dec 2017

Emmerdale fans were only devo after this moment on tonight’s episode

Ah, lads.
One of our favourite Emmerdale stars is leaving the soap

Ah, lads.

If there’s anybody who deserves better in this world, it’s Brenda Walker.

She’s been nothing but a ray of sunshine for the good people living in the Dale ever since she made her appearance almost a whole decade ago.

Since then, Brenda’s been up to a lot.

She’s been Gennie’s adoptive mother, she’s suffered a brain tumour, she’s proposed to Bob after he proposed to her – she’s nonstop.

There is one thing, however, that Brenda has not done and that’s cheated on her husband.

Unfortunately for her though, the same cannot be said for Bob.

Bob had been sleeping with Brenda’s mate Laurel which was conveniently revealed to us all recently via a flashback.

It was also revealed to Brenda too this evening and she was, of course, devastated.

As was everybody else too, because if there’s one person who deserves happiness in this world it’s Brenda Walker.

But, no. Her husband cheated on her. After everything that she’s been through?!


Viewers took to Twitter to air their frustrations with Bob and to sympathise with Brenda.

They were only devo for her.

While it remains to be seen whether Brenda and Bob will be able to reconcile this God awful mess, one thing is for sure.

… Bob won’t know what he’s got til it’s gone.