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20th May 2015

Eastenders’ Whitney Dean Is To Show A Different Side To Her Character

"Whitney's going to change".

Cathy Donohue

Eastenders star Shona McGarty says her character Whitney Dean is to “change” in the coming months.

As viewers will know, Whitney is in a relationship with Lee Carter and she will grow closer to his mother Linda in upcoming scenes.

Shona said: “She starts to feel a real part of the Carters. They make her feel safe. They all have each other’s backs and she wants that.

“She starts looking up to Linda Carter more. She sees this strong woman who’s been through so much.

Shona says her character is set to change in the coming months

“Whitney’s going to change, get more classy and more grown up. She needs to lose the hoop earrings!”

It looks like there could be a soap wedding in the future too as Shona also said: “I think she’s definitely found love with Lee. I’d love to get married in EastEnders”.