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26th Dec 2018

EastEnders viewers noticed a gas blunder in the middle of last night’s Alfie drama

How did they miss this?

Anna O'Rourke

We love a soap blunder – and this is a good’un.

In fairness, whatever else you say about EastEnders you can’t deny that its Christmas episodes always bring plenty of drama.

After it was revealed that he was the father of Hayley’s baby, it seemed certain that things could only go one way for Alfie Moon in the soap’s hour-long Christmas Day special.

Sure enough, a vicious row broke out between him and Kat, Stacey and Hayley at the top of a set of stairs – probably not the best place to fall out with anyone, TBH.

EastEnders viewers noticed a gas blunder in the middle of last night's Alfie drama

It ended with Alfie having a rant about women and their “true colours” before Hayley snapped and shoved him (you guessed it) down the stairs.

It was a dramatic moment that leaves the character’s future uncertain but lots of people watching at home spotted that it wasn’t really Shane Ritchie, who plays Alfie, taking the tumble.

It was a pretty unconvincing stunt double in a wig.

Meanwhile, tonight’s episode will see Kat lashing out after Alfie gets hurt.

She turns on Hayley, while Stacey tries to intervene and keep the women apart.

Looks like it’ll be well worth tuning in to.