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24th Nov 2018

EastEnders finally revealed Linda Carter’s big plan for Stuart Highway last night

Keeley Ryan

EastEnders fans were delighted last night as Linda Carter revealed what she has really been up to.

Both viewers and the Carters had been growing more and more worried about Linda in recent weeks, as she appeared to turn her back on her husband, Mick.

The Queen Vic landlord was wrongly sent to prison for shooting Stuart Highway (when, in fact, Stuart shot himself and framed Mick). Linda had blocked all methods of communication with her husband and become much closer to Stuart – much to the disgust of her family and viewers at home.

But Friday night’s episode saw Linda confess to Shirley that she was trying to get Mick out of husband her “own way” – and that she could never actually give up on him.

And fans were both incredibly relieved and just delighted that she had remained loyal to Mick, while others were overjoyed that she had confirmed their suspicions she was playing Stuart all this time.

Pulling out her wedding ring, a tearful Linda told Shirley:

“Do you really think I would throw [her ring] away? Do you really think I would throw us away?

“I will get my Mick back, I will get him out. But I will do it my way.”

Viewers took to Twitter to celebrate after the revelation.