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01st Feb 2017

EastEnders fans think that an old character is making a return

Laura Holland

It sure looks that way anyway.

EastEnders fans are always on the ball when it comes to predicting future storylines. They usually set Twitter alight with their theories of what has happened and what’s to come. Last night was no different and this time they could be on to something.

After seeing last night’s episode they are convinced that Tanya Branning is making a return to the soap. Fans of the show will know that Tanya, played by Jo Joyner, left the show indefinitely in 2015.

She returned for the show’s 30th birthday but hasn’t appeared since.

But last night, Tanya’s daughter Lauren Branning kept mentioning her in the context of her son and how Tanya had never met her grandson.

As per usual, EastEnders fans jumped to the conclusion that it was a hint about her return.

This person clearly isn’t impressed at the prospect of her return: