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20th Dec 2017

EastEnders fans very confused by something said on last night’s show

Say what?
lesbian tea

Who hasn’t heard of a lesbian tea?

Us anyway, for one.

We’re big fans of tea tbh and yet this particular one does not appear to feature in our vocab… or anybody else’s in the world really, if we’re totally honest.

So that’s why when last night Danny Dyer’s character on EastEnders told somebody to “have a nice lesbian tea, sort your nut out,” people were more than a bit confused.

In fact, they were fairly baffled.

The stunning phrase occurred on last night’s show when Dyer’s character, Mick, was telling wife Linda to knock back a drink to calm herself in the lead up to her move.

He told her to drink the so-called ‘lesbian tea,’ she did so, and Twitter couldn’t be dealing with the fact that Linda hadn’t stopped in her tracks and asked her husband what the hell he was talking about.

As it turns out though, apparently, lesbian tea is an actual real-life thing. Who knew?!

Not us anyway – or anybody else, for that matter.

One Twitter user took to the social media site to show us the way.

In case you can’t read that screenshot, it’s from Urban Dictionary and it defines lesbian tea as:

“Any tea that isn’t tea, especially fruit infusions eg raspberry nettle and sukebind tea, also known as differently-oriented tea.
‘Would you like a cup of tea? I’ve got monkeys’ or lesbian tea.'”


Naturally, there were a few smartarses who decided to take to Twitter and tell absolutely everybody that they, of course, had heard of lesbian tea and that you were an absolute fool to not have done but honestly…

Lesbian tea?

Never heard of it, mate.