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03rd Dec 2016

EastEnders accidentally spoiled a plot and viewers weren’t impressed

It's quite a silly mistake to be fair.

It’s quite a silly mistake to be fair.

On Friday night’s episode of the soap, masked burglars stormed into the Vic to steal cash.

The robbers come in with baseball bats and at one point even take Linda’s son Ollie from Whitney’s arms.

So it’s safe to say it all gets a bit heated.

The burglars were meant to be unknown and the big reveal was to be announced on Monday.

But in usual eagle-eye-soap-viewer fashion, they spotted an error which actually revealed who was involved in the robbery.

The actor who plays Oz’s name appears in the credits although he wasn’t in the episode at any other stage.

Lee is currently getting a hard time at work from Oz and it seems that he is to blame for the pub robbery.

Of course, there are other explanations such as an error in the credits but fans weren’t impressed that the story line was spoiled for them.