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14th Oct 2019

Earmuffs for calves actually exist and I dare you to find something more wholesome

Can you cope? I can't.

Denise Curtin

My. Heart.

This is both magical and mooving.


But, no, really. Earmuffs for calves actually exist and they’re the cutest thing we’ve ever seen.

A dairy farmer on Twitter went viral earlier this year for sharing a photo of his cute little calve wearing a set of knitted earmuffs to stop him getting frostbite.

The calve in question is located in Canada and Twitter user @ThisFarmingMan_ explained that in places like Canada where the temperature can plummet, these earmuffs are great for helping young calves adjust to the bitter climates.

The earmuffs have a water repellent material on the outside, which keeps the ears dry if it’s snowing or raining plus, the piece around the nose helps to keep the muffs in place, leaving the cow as snug as can be.

Now, although the earmuffs can only be worn by the stronger calves, the weaker ones are still protected by little jackets and it’s just all too much.

In regards to you potentially seeing earmuffs on an Irish farm, the chances are unlikely but, since there’s such high demand for them in Canada and parts of the US where they’re created, we could see Irish farmers taking note come the next big freeze.

Fingers crossed.