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24th Apr 2013

DVD Picks: From a Tsunami To a Bengal Tiger

Whatever your plans over the coming days, make sure you take an evening aside for a bowl of popcorn and one of these...

We’ve got a story that is guaranteed to have you reaching for the tissues as well as a thriller starring one of the world’s biggest stars. And you say we never spoil you!

If you feel like:

Having a good old cry
The Impossible – This drama tells the story of a family who get caught up in the aftermath of the 2004 tsunami. Starring Naomi Watts.

Snuggling up with the whole family
Life of Pi – A young man who survives a disaster at sea embarks on an adventure involving a Bengal tiger.

Sitting on the edge of your seat
Jack Reacher – Tom Cruise plays a homicide detective who faces a case involving five random victims and a military sniper.