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22nd Oct 2020

Dublin TikTok house deny staging dance with couple having sex behind them

Cassie Stokes

It’s the house that keeps on giving!

The GO house is where 10 Irish influencers live together in South Dublin. The lavish property hit headlines when the TikTok stars moved in just over six weeks ago, and since walking through the doors they have been busy using their stunning surroundings to make viral content like dances and sketches and all sorts.

One dance that they filmed a few days ago, however, went viral for all the wrong reasons.

Influencers Andrea Camila, Shauna Davitt and Lauren Whelan were taking part in a viral TikTok dance in the garden of the property when the camera caught more than the girls flipping their hair around.

In the background of the dance video you can see a couple having sex in one of the rooms. And to be honest you don’t even need to watch it twice. Watch it once and you’ll see what we’re talking about.

The clip surfaced on Twitter and now, everyone is talking about it. Most people think it was staged. One Twitter user, @stopdropandroII, wrote: “Not sure I believe that this is real—who tries that hard to keep the blankets on all the way up to their necks?” She has a point.


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It was hard to say goodbye, but bigger and better things are around the corner…

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Now, one of the founders of the GO house, @shakedowne has tried to clear a few things up about the controversy. He wrote: “I’m one of the founders of this house. 1. It wasn’t planned 2. Nobody will admit who it was in the bed, we’re still trying to figure it out.”

So, the couple remain a mystery. In the meantime the housemates have other things to worry about. They have been kicked out of their house in South Dublin.

We don’t know if the incident has anything to do with the eviction but what we do know is that they will be moving in together again and continuing to create content in their new surroundings…

We imagine it will be a little less x-rated.