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01st Aug 2018

Dr Alex says he got really sunburnt in the Love Island villa because of a ‘skin condition’

Jade Hayden

Right then.

Dr Alex has revealed exactly why he got so sunburnt in the Love Island villa and it wasn’t because he accidentally forgot to use suncream those first few weeks.


Nah, according to Alex he only went as red as he did because of a pre-existing skin condition that he’s on medication for, which causes him to turn redder than anybody else in the entire world.

Speaking on Sky News earlier today, the A&E doctor justified his intense pinkness saying:

“There have been a lot of jokes about it, but I do take sunburn very seriously. I have a skin condition unfortunately and take medication, which makes my skin sensitive to the sun.

“So even though I had been lathering up with factor 50 I did come up a bit pink. It is so important to protect yourself in the sun, it’s just unfortunate my skin condition means I did burn a bit.”

He also said that the cameras and the lighting made him look redder than he was.


Like, at least he’s an advocate for sun protection we suppose.

Since leaving the villa last week, Alex has done a lot of things including being forced to attend interviews with the girl he recently dumped, defending his skin tone, and being really really bad at social media.

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