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30th Sep 2021

Derry Girls creator hints the gang could return for a movie

It’s not over yet.

The creator of the hit comedy series Derry Girls has hinted that there could be a wee reunion for the cast once the series ends.

Confirming that the show will be coming to an end after the upcoming third season, it might not be the last we see of the Derry gang.

Creator Lisa McGee has once again spoken about her hopes to make a movie out of the series, saying it is something she’d “love to do.”

Teasing fans that the show could make it to the big screen, Lisa said: “Who knows if Erin, Clare Orla, Michelle and James will return in some other guise someday? But for now, this is it for us, and we’re excited to start filming the series with our incredible cast and crew to hopefully take our loyal fans on one last adventure.”

And last weekend, Lisa spoke to the BBC when she was accepting her honorary doctorate from Queens University, and was adamant about getting the show turned into a film.

She said: “There might be…I’d love to do…perhaps a movie of Derry Girls and then I have a few other projects but they’re very early days at the minute. I hope so. I haven’t even thought about it (Derry Girls film) yet.

“We’ve always known that we wanted to do three series and all the actors kind of knew that as well. We’ve known this was coming but I think we’ve become like family ourselves, the cast and the crew so it’ll be sad when we wrap that last day.”

Filming for season three is underway, with the stars back in their uniforms and undoubtedly up to no good.

Whether a film is coming or not, with Lisa McGee at the helm, we’re certain to get some closure from the upcoming series as the show comes to an end.