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11th Jun 2018

Danny Dyer just posted the sweetest shout out to Dani, and our hearts are melting

Olivia Hayes

Giving his support to his daughter.

When Dani Dyer entered the Love Island villa, we all thought she would be the new ‘Blazin’ Squad’ and announce over and over again that her dad is actor Danny Dyer.

Luckily, she’s barely mentioned it, and we have totally fallen in love with her sweet self.

However, her dad has now shared a shout out to the reality star on Instagram, and for Danny’s standards, it’s incredibly sweet.

Posting a picture of himself with his youngest daughter Sunnie, Danny wrote: “Me and the Wife have come to accept the fact that we was put on the planet to reproduce Love Islanders…..bollocks…oh well…embrace it….good luck in 2028 Sunnie….. #doubledoubleproud #Team Dani.”

It seems like Danny even got a bit emotional last week when Dani got upset about Jack cheating on his ex girlfriends.

Her mum, Jo told The Sun: “Danny wasn’t happy at first when she was going into the show but at the moment he thinks Dani has done well with her behaviour.

“He got a bit choked up when she was sad about finding out Jack was a tw*t. That’s his daughter and they have a very close bond.”

We love Dani… can she just win the show already?