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26th Jun 2018

Corrie fans notice massive mistake to do with a dead body and ah, lads

Jade Hayden


When a person dies in a soap, a couple of things tend to happen.

Their heart stops beating, people are sad, and someone puts on a spread of little sandwiches and lots of whiskey.

They also generally enter a stage of rigor mortis and their corpse stiffens, before their body begins the process of decomposition.

Standard enough stuff, really.

However, in Coronation Street that’s not what happens when a person dies.

You may or may not remember but a while back, Pat Phelan murdered Harvey Ashford and dumped his body in a lake for a few months and then moved it beneath some concrete.

You might presume that this chain of events would lead to a light bit of decomposition. That Harvey’s body would be in a bad way, not fit for viewing by his family, friends, or anyone who decided to show up in Weatherfield.

Well then you’d be wrong.

During last night’s episode, Harvey’s mam Flora showed up for a little look at her son’s body which, you know, absolutely should not have been available for a viewing considering the inevitable state it must have been in.

Remember, it had been in a lake for about six months.

Anyway, Flora got back from this viewing and said that Harvey looked “peaceful.”

Highly doubtful, hun.

Highly doubtful.

He wouldn’t have just been bones, no?

OK then.