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25th Dec 2017

Coronation Street fans shocked after character falls off the side of a cliff

Coronation Street viewers were left horrified tonight when Billy Mayhew fell off the side of a cliff.

It appeared as if Peter Barlow would kill him after the vicar admitted to killing his sister, Susan, in a hit and run.

But Peter forgave Billy – after giving him the fright of his life – and moved to drive off.

However, nothing is quite so simple in Soap Land – and show bosses had a twist that changed everything in the blink of an eye.

Billy appeared to lose his footing, which left him hanging off the edge of the cliff.

He screamed for help, but as Peter rushed towards him and went to grab Billy’s hand, he slipped.

Peter looked on, horrified, as he watched Billy fall down the cliffside – only to run into his dad, Ken, when returning to the cobbles.

Peter cried to his dad:

“I swear I didn’t hurt him.

“I just wanted to scare him…”

But after hearing his son’s tearful confession, Ken drove back to the spot where Peter had left Billy.

It was then that – in another shocking twist – a hiker told Ken that Billy had, in fact, survived as something had broken his fall.

But things aren’t looking good for the troubled vicar, as he was being airlifted to the hospital while fighting for his life.

And needless to say some viewers had some questions following the twist.