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03rd Jan 2018

Ann Widdecombe once had some harsh things to say about CBB

She's eating her words now though.

Bet she regrets saying that.

Ann Widdecombe entered the Celebrity Big Brother house last night, as part of an all-female lineup. The former politician joined seven other female stars to kick off the new series.

But while she appeared to be happy to be part of the show, a few years back she had some very harsh things to say about it.

When asked by Metro in 2012 what shows she had turned down she told them Big Brother was one of them. She didn’t hold back either.

She said, “(I’ve turned down) Big Brother more than once. The last time they made a very big offer and I said no. I find it vulgar and voyeuristic. I wouldn’€t do the jungle either, I wouldn’t eat that sort of stuff.”