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01st Jul 2019

Caroline Flack and Love Island’s Tom got v close at the After Sun after party last night

caroline flack

Karaoke will do that to you, in fairness.

Last night, After Sun was on.

Everybody was watching in the hope that Yewande and Arabella were going to have it out about Danny.

Alas, Yewande decided she didn’t want to chat to Arabella at all and despite the fact that they were, indeed, both on the show, no shit went down.

Disappointing, but also understandable.

Tom Walker was also there to chat all things love and island, even though people were unfortunately not all that bothered about his presence due to the drama that the other two were harbouring.

However, it turns out that a bit of spice did indeed arise from After Sun after all – because Caroline Flack and Tom did karaoke and the videos are certainly something to behold.

As in, they’re having a whale of a time together.

As in, they’re looking v close.

As in, Tom’s got his arms wrapped around Caroline and it’s all very intense altogether.

May as well lads, go for it sure.

The videos of the scene were shared to Tom’s IG Stories last night and although the pair are simply having a nice time, one can’t help wonder whether something else might be occurring behind the scenes.

Like, realistically it probably isn’t, but hey, when a guy gets dumped from the villa, the next logical step is to try it on with the presenter of the show.

Fair enough, like.

Tom was dumped from the villa during the week when it became apparent that the general public weren’t too fond of his or Arabella’s antics.

He left the show having been coupled up with Maura, who is now having the time of her life in Casa Amor with Dennen and basically every other male individual who is also there.

It all worked out in the end, guys.